Glory Aliu

The evolved human named GLORY

writing is a beautiful and amazing art that came to man or tend to exist, would surely get better at this but do not know how….

okay trust me.. i know
i will read and learn and choose to grow .

my plan here , i will be as relatable as i can, carry us along as a family and also be your friend and render help in anyways i can .

i cant wait for us to go on this ride together

cheers to a fabulous meeting .




According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, an Expression is an act of product of pressing out.

So, it means there is still work to be done.

Energy to be used.

The creative part of you that should be travailed “out” by you because the whole thought and process is inside of you.

Expression most of the time doesn’t need the perfect scenario to be birthed, all it needs is your willingness to do the right thing (press it out as it comes).

Just be expressive,

In your own way.








Watch movie




And then you have expressed.

Just press it out

Like, finding expression in the ordinary.

Find expression in the mundane

Find expression in the hard

Find expression in the extraordinary

Be expressive this august.

like be so spontaneous.



The work.

This week has been kind of intense for me, seeing there are so many things on my mind.

There are deadlines to be met.

Also, I have set a growth metric for myself to achieve this year.

Did I achieve some? yes

Then what is the problem? you might want to ask.

The problem is me not setting priorities right.

Would I right my wrongs? definitely.

How soon? I wish it could be now.

I know you want to know what it is all about, but let me just drop it here in a bit.



The title of an amazing book that I have grown to now see from another perspective.

a book full of strength.

and courage of the ordinary people, that we do not even they exist if not that someone chose to tell that story.

be not weary!!!

an admonition
a call to remember.
a call to be strong.

today, I tell you be not weary, even if you are about to give up.



Glory Aliu

Glory Aliu

just as art is a form of expression, i write to let you know how to express yourself. shall we ?